Eucalyptus, Agios Stefanos, Corfu 14/20


OF all the seaside tavernas in north east Greece, I think I perhaps like the setting here best, tucked into the side of the harbour, an old stone house with a huge terrace under vines and tables spilling out on to the side of the beach (families get this end, grown ups the other). The old clichés of Greek food being just kebab and chips are fading on Corfu. IMG_2497




Greek salad


fried courgette flowers with feta



There is no massive invention but there are subtle improvements and sensitivities. The Greek salad here includes capers. There is a superb dish of deep fried courgette flowers stuffed with feta. The other basics are generous being both healthy tatziki and luxurious as in properly made taramasalata. Plus a few welcome reprieves for old Corfoit dishes like the sardines with currants, though maybe they don’t need to be deep fried too. There is also a simple orange salad as a counterpoint.IMG_2498

Main Road, Sinies, Agios Stefanos, Kassiopi 49081

+30 2663 082007


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