Simone Corsetti ai Girasoli di Sant’Andrea, Umbertide, 14/20


IF all the wine merchants in all the world were…you may notice a high proportion of single male diners taking advantage of a menu designed to show off the wines and the idea that everything worthwhile around here comes from the soil. We start with a complimentary house prosecco…and a plate of five different breads to taste their olive oil…

The revamped old winery is set back from the SS146 outside of Niccione about 10 minutes outside of Umbertide now put into service as the local restaurant, with tables outside or in through summer. There are some simple guttural produce-led assemblages like the local ham and cheeseIMG_2771 but then we step up slowly into more elegant assemblages like this stunning salad dressed with their own VOO and a balsamic that makes treacle look fast, uses fresh and aged pecorino, two kinds of olive, sundried tomatoes and another excuse, although not actually necessary, for their oil…IMG_2802

Then the best quality rice for the summer truffles…IMG_2808,

fresh wild porcini for the pasta…IMG_2770, IMG_2809saffron to colour the ravioli….

all of which may lead you to the conclusion that a small investment in their wine cellar might be appreciated. Nothing much breaks the ¢10 mark…This is the hunter’s breakfast…IMG_2801And this is the bresaolaIMG_2803

Ristorante Simone Corsetti ai Girasoli di Sant’Andrea

Località Molino Vitelli 06019 Umbertide

tel +39 075 941 0798  www. ristorante and




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