La Concha, Anglet, Basque 15/20


ONLY the French have the vision to set up a great restaurant by the municipal skating ring. All right, it is not a great restaurant in a gastronomic sense but it has a grill, the best local fish out of the Atlantic and it knows what to do with it. Serve it with baked potatoes and butter, of course.img_1341

Think of all those seaside towns that could be doing something like this… Tot up the jobs, councillor – a couple of fishing boats, eight or ten fishermen, fifty or sixty waiters and commis chefs. How many other local businesses do you have that can turn over £5m + and are an asset to the community. They even have an ice ring to go with it. The local Hormadi hockey team play in the French national ligue so there are other benefits…all for a bit of freezing water. It was set up in 1971, so that is 46 years of reasonable prosperity. This, for the sake of clarity, councillor, is a restaurant, not a Frankie and Benny’s franchise. Nor is it a fish and chip shop. It is a local business that uses local resources and supports the local community who in turn support it. I digress…

If you have the foresight to order a window seat you get a view like this…img_1346

It is somewhere of course to order shellfish. Or lobster.

Or that rare thing these days a good sized Dover sole…img_1273Or a seabass filleted at the table…


Btw they are very proud of their fillet of beef too. The decor is somewhat utilitarian canteen, practical, no frills, in fact the decor could work for Frankie and Benny…

img_1268 lists it as the 11th best restaurant out of 150 in Anglet, which is a suburb of Biarritz. That may be the case but you will not find better fish anywhere else. It is on the banks of the Ardour estuary where you find the notable sculpture at the top of the page.

La Concha, 299, avenue de l’Adour, 64600 Anglet, France

+33 5 59 63 49 52


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