Royal Standard, Forty Green, Beaconsfield 13/20

img_4299I am often asked to recommend a decent pub, not so easy these days. The Royal Standard claims to date back 900 years and to be the oldest free house in England so that is not a bad track record. It is a proper country pub with real ales, real ciders, real oak beans, real stained glass, real grannies for sunday lunch, real bikers and real walkers – it is on the Chiltern Way.  It takes a bit of finding or at least keeping your nerve down a country track coming down from Penn or up from Beaconsfield. But get found it does but if the weather is fine then there are ample wooden tables outside which don’t need booking. The inside is a pitch black historic gloom filled with curios like jousting helmets and carved chickens and stained glass…

The sort of place a few years back that judges and villains and highwaymen might have shared a few glasses without bothering as to who might be in the next snug. It scores high on there atmosphereometer. It is proper pub food too with a menu that wanders around the landlord’s favourites be that a roast on a Sunday.img_3087_1

a plate of prawns, oysters, fish and chips or a bowl of mussels

It is what you might want a pub to be, itself with a sense of history. To be honest you need a charabanc and a nominated driver if you are going to have any chance of doing the beers and ciders justice, which sounds like a grand day out…

The Royal Standard, Forty Green, Buckinghamshire



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