Frankfurter, Neu-Isenburg, Germany 16/20



This Frankfurter has been here since 1702, which says something, the walled beer garden in summer is a major draw to lure people out of the city, a 20 minute slide down the motorway to Neu-Isenberg. Or the tram stops outside. Wikipedia tells me the town is known for its outdoor drive in movie screen, shopping mall and swimming pool. That is wrong. It is known for this place.

It is more of a schnitzel than a frankfurter really. Schnitzel gets its own page on the menu. There is schnitzel with green sauce, hill farmer style with bacon, cordon bleu with ham and cheese, original with cranberries and a cucumber salad, French with pork and camembert. And as you can see you get more than one on the plate anyway:


The iconic local green sauce also comes with hardboiled eggs and potatoes – see above – or with rare roast beef. Portions are not small. It is fried potatoes or dumplings or bread and if in doubt add an egg place.IMG_5961

There is also a notable amount of game from venison goulash to pot roat pheasant, mostly just over £10 mark for a main course. Out of season there are two rooms, one traditional, one more gemutlich complete with a knight in not so shiny armour.

Largely it seems to be a cog of the local community and not so many exhibition goers from the Messe shows get this far out which gives it an agreeable fizz. People come to enjoy themselves.

This loin of pork is almost the size of the dinner plate and underneath is a first rate sauerkraut and good bread of course on the side. And the excellent local apple wine.  The only odd bit was the mustard coming in a plastic sachet but there must be a joke in there somewhere20171012_210319And here was a fine mix of cabbage and potato with gravy adorned with more of the pig…

IMG_5964 And to finish, well what were you expecting…

Frankfuter Haus, Darmstädter Landstraße 741 – 63263 Neu-Isenburg

0 61 02 / 31 466


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