Les Deux Magots, Saint Germain, Paris 15/20


IF the United Nations was convened by Paris waiters one cannot help thinking that the world’s problems would be put to right swiftly and efficaciously. No compromise allowed. Japanese, Americans, tourists, locals, lunchers and dilettantes are all accommodated here since a facelift.

Wikipedia affirms that Simone de Beauvoir flirted with Jean Paul Sartre here, Ernest Hemingway drank here and there is a long list of other notables to whom you can add your name…in fact before all that it opened in 1873 and was frequented by French literary giants like Rimbaud and Verlaine in its original incanation in a side street nearby at Rue de Buci which opened in 1812…it also has a literary prize started in 1933 and awarded each year since…The two mandarins which come from the original antique shop remain in situ.

It has not been reviewed seriously as far as I know by anyone since whenever but ticks over on Trip Adviser with little mentions of a perfect omelette, the buzz, the history, the perfect cheese sandwich (above) which is more than can be said for a few Parisian institutions…The hot chocolate has the history and even where the menu through the day is of the salads, toasties, omelettes, they tend to be definitive of their kind…after 6.30 the menu morphs into something more substantial but at heart it is really the cafe that is its raison d’etre, it has a function, a mission even, the custodian of a Parisian way of life.

Nearby is also Patrick Roger’s chocolate shop which does amazing things like this…IMG_1773more here.  Rimbaud’s poem Le Bateau Ivre is engraved in the wall on the far side of the square on rue ferou.

Deux Magots 6, place Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 75006 Paris
tel +33 1 45 48 55 25 http://www.lesdeuxmagots.fr/


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