Takagiya, West Hampstead, London 12/20


LET me tell you a story about a lovely couple who thought of opening a restaurant of their own. They picked a nice spot on a semi main road in West Hampstead. Opposite a Tesco. What could go wrong? And they decorated it nicely with lovely plants and vases and benches outside and a bar for sake and intimate little tables. And that was in March.

Undeterred they put up a little takeaway sign…I am not saying this is the best Japanese restaurant in town but it is one of the best that is open and it actually tastes of Japan rather the usual out of a box formula of miso and cold rice. Their rice is warm, and seasoned. Their miso soup has colones, if that is not an image or a culture too far. The full bento takeaway is £14.20 and here it is, this one based around wild seabass but it can be salmon.



The menu changes daily and when it runs out, it runs out. Makoto Takagi used to cook at Zuma in Knightsbridge. His wife Yoko is front of house. There is a vegetarian option but otherwise it leans towards pork katsu, wagu beef, chicken yakitori but with lots of asides. If you are in the area, they deserve your support.




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