Charlie, the organic milk float, north London


IS IT a bird? Is it a plane? No it is an organic, zero waste milk float…heads turn in the street as something unusual comes along….

Meet Charlie. Charlie is a converted van that trundles around north London, available to book, will come to your door, you just need the containers because that is how they make their margin (and save the planet). It is organic or natural, zero waste, fair trade.IMG_3340

They tell me they are one of only 10 shops in north London that refill rather than selling everything in packets. They started last year in Tufnel Park and have plans…Essentially it is a wholefood store on wheels stacked with pulses, rices, fashionable things like chia and quinoa and some rarities like mulberries (very sweet) and golden berries (very sour) – full product list here.


You book, she comes, you hand over your empty jars, she fills. Prices are pretty much in line with the cheaper end of supermarkets so Arborio rice is £4.40 a kilo compared to Waitrose own label £2.78 but brands like Gallo are £5. Chia seeds are a snip at £7.6 a kilo against Waitrose £12.30 but what to do with a kilo of chia seeds is one for postcards and answers on, only.

Good produce. The van itself is a bit of head turner so they are making friends on the street and overall it beats queuing for a supermarket. You can social distance all you like.

While the notion of the resuarant has been hauled off for a refit at the local garage, I will give these pages over to endeavours that have if you like restaurant values and concerns or if you like a return to the original meaning of the word… restoratives.


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