Master Wei Xi’an, Bloomsbury, London 15/20

biang biang

Reporting back: the most excellent noodles here about which I have written before, but in lockdown have become doubly desirable, testimony to the queues of Uber and Deliveroo drivers outside. We had numbers 35 and 36. The latter is Qishan hand pulled noodles with pork in sour and spicy soup pictured below, just the kind of comfort food one needs in a pandemic. So too the addictive pork biang biang noodles with tomato and egg sauce and chilli oil. They are about £10 apiece but you probably won’t want to share. There are tables outside on the pedestrian concourse and with social distancing room for perhaps 12 inside…or order online because of 52 dishes there are very interesting things going on that London has not seen before. Mistress, Wei Guirong (for yes it is a she not a he) runs a pretty capable kitchen. If you can get on the orbit for delivery, it is a must.


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