Welome to the COMPOS

SO, we emerge, blinking out of this lockdown, things restaurant wise will not be the same for reasons I will go on to enumerate later. Meantime, it is pretty much ground zero. Some places will pick up swiftly, others fall flat, still others will be permanently re-arranged, so these are not reviews as was the style back in the day, just little complimentaries, mentions in dispatches, for valor, for opening, somewhat randomly compiled according to where I have been allowed to roam or in the increasingly problematic task of just booking a table: Welcome to the COMPOS.

The most gastronomically excellent experience thanks to lockdown is that Brawn the shop has managed to get a supply of various sausages and pigs feet from Coombeshead Farm in Cornwall, deliveries on Friday (although the shop is morphing back into restaurant mode next month (and a new branch in newly arty old Margate). Sausages: COMPO, COMPO.

Lockdown restaurant of the year remains Master Wei in Bloomsbury with special COMPO for the hand pulled noodles.

Farang at the top of Blackstock Road, N4,  has morphed into a style we may see more of which is dining rooms converted to shops/markets but the kitchen still cooking to order for takeaway, kits, for a chill counter. They have excellent supplies of fresh Thai ingredients plus a few tables on the street…fried chicken is easy enough but the depth of the dipping sauces is not so easy…COMPO

Equally a mention for another Thai, Diep on Finchley Road, NW11 a dedicated takeaway, built to order and bravely keeping up the spices, good value especially for the mixed green vegetables, despite a feew TV grumps…COMPO

An old stager, maybe THE oldest old stager whose car park has been requisitioned for tables is the Royal Standard. A COMPO for roast potatoes, for huge Yorkshire pudding, mentions for the roast vegetables.

Cute too is the Japanese Necco in the busy Exmouth Market… good value lunch served in interlocking laquer bowls…super sushi menu is almost double the lunch but at £17 but may well be worth it, modern Japanese grazing. Nice folks… COMPO


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