Limnopoula, Petriti, Corfu, 15/20

PETRITI is the southern port where most of the fish is landed for the rest of Corfu. It is a cluster of smart coffee shops and grill tavernas. When the boats leave each evening, the tables and chairs come out and the quayside becomes an al fresco restaurant. If you had a villa nearby with a kitchen you could buy straight off the boats in the morning.

Limnopoula is in the middle of all this, a family concern set up more than 20 years ago with one half of the operation on a deck on the shore and the other inside. Here the stifado means octopus. They are robust in dealing with trippers, yachters, sailors, tourists, locals whoever. There is, as we used to say, no side to it.

Fish is the main deal – you can pick your own from the chill cabinet in front of the kitchen old school style – this is snapper, rather comfortingly served with old fashioned boiled potatoes, soft cooked beans and boiled courgette, but the skin so crisp it is a feature in itself.

All the catch is priced at a standard 50 euros per kilo which roughly translates as four portions. For shellfish they do a hefty pasta with squid, mussels and prawns.

Then of course we have the tarama and the more interesting fava bean puree with olives and red onions which marries well with sauteed courgette (if you are vegan).

Plus bread and local wine, and of course the view, about 35 euros.


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