Noodle and Beer, the City, London 14/20

POSSIBLY this is the hottest place in town. Hot as in chilli, Sichuan chilli. Chongqing Xiaomian. My companion, my chief chilli-ometer, said very hot at two chilli denomination. There is a five grade rating for the beef which opens the dried noodle dish section and there is a four chilli denomination in the rice section.…the beer therefore is an essential. Do not say I did not warn you.

Bell Street is back of the city by Liverpool Street station on the Aldgate side. This is not the only Sichuan arrival, a few doors up, among the street stalls that become the fag end of Petticoat Lane on Sundays, is super inscrutable Chew Fun with China graphics for a menu but well populated by young Asians. More canteen like is XI’An  Biang Biang Noodles on Commercial Street which gets a lot of enthusiasm on TripAdviser.

Noodle With Beer has the best graphics. It would be a good venue for Succession. Bring the boss. Get him/her drunk. Ask for a pay rise.

The offending or alluring articles in question for us are Sichuan dumplings – beautiful silky dumplings filled with minced pork and lotus root, sitting on a powder keg of chilli and peanut sauce. More powerful perhaps are the innocent sweet white udon noodles until you discover this cobra hot red, secret sauce, underneath – pictured above.

However the braised beef and noodles with coriander in soup – based on an eight hour broth –  is impeccable and worth the visit alone. The rest is probably fantastic but I don’t do properly hot food, thank you all the same.

It is a shade more expensive than the competition at around £20 a head but still salaryman rather an expense account – NoodleandBeer.Com


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