Bull in the Alley, north Main Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

WALK down this mews in downtown, or north main street, would you believe, you might spot the little bull sculpture over the green door. And you might think this is a tanners, a speakeasy, some kind of smelting yard or even a fashion shop. If you are here, you are supposed to know…The Bull is nothing if not discreet. Inside is black walls, dark, barring a few spots and chandeliers and a grand piano that has been converted into a bar. There are booths if you want even more anonymity. The web site does not offer any address or menu or anything at all, just a phone number.

It is a short menu. but we are here for one thing…the steak, listed as table steak at $115, in fact sold by the ounce depending what is in the kitchen. There is a ladies fillet for $52. We order a tomahawk on the bone weighing in at 48 ounches, enough for three. That is 1360 grams by Europeans standards. Served plain, as it is, off the grill:

The lighting does not do it justice, but for the record:

Albeit the dinner plate might give you an idea of proportions:

It comes with an array of vegetables that have already been prepared so everything pivots on how long to cook the steak…we opted for rare with the sweet fat barely cooked through (fine by me). You don’t get steak like this in Europe. This was Wisconsin, prairie grass raised, they do not defer to Chicago here, it is a Kansas strip, should you ask.

In the event I plan to go vegan, I will be passing here for a final steak.

Other elements are deep grained American hospitality like the gargantuan four tier chocolate cake and the creme caramel that comes on a soup plate. Plenty of cream in the chowder. Those vegetables at $10 a go – rare enough around here – are swift to arrive..here is a mushrooms bourguignonne:

If you should be in the area…



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